Introduction to Race Spec


AERO BLITZ Racing 350z testing at CTMP GP ( Fastest racetrack in North America )

Race Spec is an initiative we started to help and provide local racers in the Greater Toronto Area with down force solutions. We test different materials to see which offers the most strength and thickness but retain the least amount of weight. All our Race Spec projects are custom made to class specifications such as Street ( if allowed ), club sport, unlimited etc.

Currently for our racing products we are using Corrugated composites due to its light weight thickness and strength. 


Corrugated composite with real carbon fiber finish

A strong chassis mount is just as important to us as a strong and durable splitter that is why we have partnered up with Orlando from Revolution 6ix ( a shop in toronto ) to help develop custom chassis mounts for different cars. 

A strong chassis mount is require for a splitter to be successful as we have seen too often when inexperience people build chassis mounts bad thing happen. A splitter is only as good as the mount, both must work together at high speeds to be successful.

A proper chassis mount must have all around support to aid the splitter at high speeds. Our chassis mounts are fabricated in house and built to racing standards.


 Chassis mount fabricated in house

We also test extensively to ensure they hold up at high speeds with proper mounts. Our Team has been to tracks such as CTMP GP ( which is considered the fastest race track in north america with elevation drops equivalent to 8 story buildings ), CTMP DDT,  Shannonville Motorsports Park, and Toronto Motorsports Park.

Orlando from Rev 6ix at CTMP GP testing his Race Spec front splitter with chassis mount fabricated by Revolution 6ix

Custom Front Splitter/Side Splitter/Diffuser


What is corrugated composite you might ask? 

Well corrugated composite is exactly what the name implies, 2 panels between a core which is corrugated to save on weight without compromising strength or thickness.

Our Race Spec material is different from the material we use for our street splitters that we sell on our website 

Currently Race Spec is only available for racers in and around the Greater Toronto Area. 

To inquire about Race Spec please call us at 416 835 8721.

 We have also started doing Dry Carbon parts. Dry carbon unlike other "carbon fiber" products is made from almost 100% pure carbonfiber which means it's not only light weight but also very strong.

 Here is a DRY Carbon fiber canard we did for the 350z ams bumper



Our 350z with chassis mounted front splitter, side splitter, diffuser and carbon fiber canards.


ING 86 bumper fitted with out Race Spec front splitter.