General Guide (different applications may vary) 

Front Splitter Installation Instructions. 

  1. Remove the bumper 
  2. Drill new holes in the bumper 
  3. Use provided hardware to bold the splitter up 
  4. Professional install is recommended and additional hardware may be required at your discretion. 

Additional notes 

  1. Splitter should sit flat with bumper. There should be no excessive gap between the bumper and splitter. 
  2. There should be no movement / play on a properly installed splitter.  
  3. If OEM bumper holes are insufficient or too far back from the front edge of the bumper, new holes must be drilled to properly hold the splitter in place.  
  4. If your splitter comes with splitter rods, you'll need to drill 2 small holes on the bumper and 2 small holes on the splitter.
  5. (Optional) Experience installers can use crash beam as mounting point for splitter rods. Custom fabrication may be required for such application.


General Guide (different applications may vary)

Side Splitter installation

  1. Side Splitters should only stick out around 1 inch to 1.5 inch for a clean look. (different applications may vary)
  2. Position side splitter to your prefer look in terms of how much it will stick out from underneath your side skirts.
  3. Have 1 person hold it up while you use the self tap screws to drill straight thru the side splitter into your side skirts.
  4. Use a self tap screw every 8 - 9 inches.

Installing Splitter Winglets / End plates 

  1. Check your splitter came with winglets / endplates. 
  2. To install the winglet you will need to remove some of the edge protector around the splitter. 
  3. Measure and cutoff just enough of the edge protector so the winglets can be fitted 
  4. Wait 1 to 2 hours in warm environment for 3m adhesive to adhere. Additional time to adhere is needed if you are in a cold environment.  
  5. Optional: Winglets can be bolted down as well. 


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